Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mochi ice cream?

My/Mochi Ice Cream is a mouthboggling, textural sensation sure to blow your mouth’s mind! It’s creamy ice cream snuggled inside pillowy sweet rice dough for unprecedented puffnificence. Weird, right? It just works.

What is mochi?

Ever wonder what that melt-in-your mouth, chewy dough is? It’s called mochi (mow‧chee), pillowy sweet rice dough that is soft, chewy, and desquishious!

Where can I find My/Mochi Ice Cream nearest me?

What a freezer teaser! Visit our store locator (here) to find My/Mochi Ice Cream near you. If you still can’t find it, visit and have any desquishious flavor delivered directly to your door!

Where can I buy My/Mochi Ice Cream near me?

Look no further! My/Mochi Ice Cream is available nationwide! Click here to fill your freezer with the pillowy goodness it deserves. Or, click here for our handy dandy store locator. Let the mouthboggling begin!

Do you have any My/Mochi coupons?

Sign up for our newsletter (located in the footer) to receive a $1-off coupon and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for tasty giveaways on our Instagram!

Is My/Mochi and Mikawaya from the same company?

Yes, My/Mochi Ice Cream and Mikawaya are cousins!

How should I serve My/Mochi Ice Cream?

We all have our own way of snacking on mouthboggling My/Mochi Ice Cream! After you grab your favorite flavor out of the freezer, wait 1-2 minutes so your My/Mochi ball can reach its pillowest potential. Get ready to blow your mouth’s mind!

How do I eat mochi ice cream?

Pinch it, smack it or poke it! There are so many different ways to play with on your favorite My/Mochi Ice Cream flavor. Take little nibbles, plop the entire mochi ice cream ball into your mouth, mix and match flavors — the possibilities are endless.

What is the powder on my face/hands?

Since mochi is sticky rice dough, we coat each mochi ball with rice flour to make sure My/Mochi Ice Cream gets in your mouth – not on your hands!

How do you make the ice cream so creamy?

We max out the amount of butterfat and add just a little bit of air into our ice cream to boost smoothness, flavor, and create a desquishious premium treat.

What flavors does it come in?

Take your tastebuds on a textural adventure! Sink your teeth into desquishious My/Mochi flavors like Strawberry, Sweet Mango, Cookies & Cream and Double Chocolate. Check out all of our flavors here.

What is a single serving of My/Mochi Ice Cream?

One serving is one pillowy mochi ball of irresistible yum.

Why don’t the per serving and per box calories add up?

The FDA requires us to round the calories to the nearest whole within a range. For example, if each mochi ball is 103 calories, then it would be rounded to 100 calories. That’s not to say these are the exact numbers, that’s just how calorie count works!

Do you have mochi ice cream nutrition information?

Nutrition information can be found next to each flavor on the website and on the back of every box. Looking for more info? Drop us a note here and we’ll investigate faster than you can say “desquishiousness”!

Is My/Mochi Ice Cream vegan?

Our non-dairy and vegan line of My/Mochi Oat Milk Frozen Dessert is made with silky, smooth oat milk – so it still has the same creamy texture and marvelously mouthwatering taste! Check out our creamy dreamy vegan flavors here!

Is My/Mochi Ice Cream kosher?

Yes, all My/Mochi products are certified by OK Kosher.

Is My/Mochi Ice Cream non-GMO verified?

We’re proud to say that all My/Mochi products are made with ingredients that are not genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology.

Do you pasteurize your fruit ingredients?

We pasteurize our fruit ingredients using the high-temp/short-time method, which kills the bad bacteria.

Can I refreeze my My/Mochi Ice Cream after they’ve thawed?

In order to enjoy My/Mochi at their most pillowy, they should not be refrozen if thawed.

Is My/Mochi packaging recyclable?

Yes, our packaging is recyclable and made from FSC Certified paperboard. Our plastic trays and single-serve containers are made out of recyclable polypropylene.

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