Frequently Asked Questions

What is mochi and Mochi ice cream?

Ever wonder what that sweet, chewy dough is? It’s called mochi (mow‧chee), pillowy sweet rice dough that is soft, chewy, and a little bite of heaven!

My/Mochi is the original mochi ice cream. In 1993, our founder, a Japanese baker combined traditional mochi with delicious scoops of ice cream. Sold first in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo community, My/Mochi is now available worldwide.

My/Mochi tastes as good as it vibes because it’s a fusion of traditional Japanese mochi and California cool. We wrap our sweet, pillowy rice dough around premium ice cream and smoothies to deliver a uniquely chilled, dual texture.

Make life’s moments more colorful with My/Mochi’s wide variety of flavors. Each mochi is made using simple ingredients in our home of California, where we use almost 50% renewable power to ensure My/Mochi makes you—and our planet—happy.

Where can I find My/Mochi Ice Cream near me?

What a freezer teaser! You can find My/Mochi in the freezer aisle at a grocery store near you including.

Click the “Buy Now” button in the main menu above to see the flavor selection available near you. You can order for delivery via Target, Walmart, and Instacart.

Want to find us in your local Costco or club store? Request My/Mochi on the feedback cards or online.

How do I eat mochi ice cream?

We all have our own way of snacking on My/Mochi Ice Cream! Grab your favorite flavor out of the freezer, wait 1-2 minutes so your My/Mochi can reach its Joyfully Chill potential. Once your My/Mochi is the ‘perfect’ level of softness for you, time to snack!

You can enjoy My/Mochi on it’s own, slice them in half for a flavor mashup, create a My/Mochi ice Cream sandwich, and more! Peep some of the snack hacks on our social channels or tag us in your very own My/Mochi snack hack — the possibilities are endless. Happy snacking!

What flavors does it come in?

Get ready to take your tastebuds on a textural adventure! My/Mochi comes in classic ice cream favorites like Strawberry, Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip; traditional mochi flavors like Matcha Green Tea, Ube, and Strawberry Boba; and some of our own unique creations like Cereal & Milk and My/Mochi Smoothies! Check out all of our flavors here.

Don’t see a flavor that you’d like? Submit a flavor request here.

Do you have any My/Mochi coupons?

Sign up for our newsletter (located in the footer) to receive a $1-off coupon. Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled and tastebuds ready for Joyfully Chill giveaways on social media! Instagram and TikTok

Is My/Mochi and Mikawaya from the same company?

Yes both brands are produced by The Mochi Ice Cream Company based out of Los Angeles. They use the unique expertise of our Japanese heritage and the same high quality ingredients for an authentic mochi experience.

We’re sure you will enjoy flavors from both; Mikawaya has more traditional mochi flavors such as Red Bean and Plum Wine while My/Mochi has more common ice cream flavors such as Cookies & Cream and Strawberry.

You can find Mikawaya at specialty grocery stores across the US as well as Stater Bros. Markets, Grocery Outlet, H-Mart, Central Market, and more in SoCal.

What is the serving size of My/Mochi Ice Cream?

One serving size is one mochi, but who’s counting?

Do you have mochi ice cream nutrition information?

Nutrition information can be found next to each flavor on the website and on the back of every box. Looking for more info? Drop us a note here and we’ll investigate so you can get back to being Joyfully Chill!

Do you use sustainable packaging?

We care about the planet as well and are working on improvements throughout our business.

Our box packaging is recyclable and made from FSC Certified paperboard. Our plastic trays are also recyclable made from #2 HDPE. Our single-serve and double serve containers are recyclable as well.

Currently our plant sources almost 50% of energy from renewable sources and we are reducing packaging and using non virgin paperboard, and reducing food waste by 15% year over year.

Is My/Mochi Gluten Free?

Yes, most My/Mochi products are naturally Gluten Free.

*Cookie Dough contains gluten, please check nutrition labels before consuming.

Is My/Mochi Ice Cream vegan?

Our non-dairy and vegan line of My/Mochi Oat Milk Frozen Dessert is made with silky, smooth oat milk – so it still has the same creamy texture and marvelously mouthwatering taste! Check out our vegan flavors here!

Is My/Mochi made with nuts?

We take allergens very seriously and our facility is free of all nut varieties, sesame, and soy. While our products are produced in a shared facility with dairy and egg, all precautions are considered to prevent cross contamination.

Is My/Mochi Ice Cream kosher?

Yes, My/Mochi products are certified by OK Kosher.

Is My/Mochi Halal?

Yes, My/Mochi products are Halal certified.

Is My/Mochi Ice Cream non-GMO verified?

We’re proud to say that all My/Mochi products are made with ingredients that are not genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology.

Is My/Mochi Ice Cream pasteurized?

We pasteurize My/Mochi using the high-temp/short-time method, which kills the bad bacteria.

Does My/Mochi use cage free eggs?

Yes, My/Mochi Ice Cream uses cage free eggs.

Can I refreeze my My/Mochi Ice Cream after they’ve thawed?

In order to enjoy My/Mochi at it’s best, we do not recommend refreezing if thawed.

How do you make the ice cream so creamy?

We max out the amount of butterfat and add just a little bit of air into our ice cream to boost smoothness, flavor, and create a desquishious premium treat.

The seal was broken on my tray, is My/Mochi still safe to eat?

Yes, a broken seal can occur as a result of sudden elevation changes or during transport, but does not make the product inedible. As long as the tamper seal on the outer box is still intact and the mochi has not suffered temperature abuse, eating mochi from a tray with a broken seal is safe to eat.

Why don’t the per serving and per box calories add up?

The FDA requires us to round the calories to the nearest whole within a range. For example, if each mochi ball is 103 calories, then it would be rounded to 100 calories. That’s not to say these are the exact numbers, that’s just how calorie count works!