Hello snack lovers and would be My/Mochi team members, curb your cravings with My/Mochi Ice Cream. Imagine a scoop of rich, creamy premium ice cream in your favorite flavor. Now imagine that scoop wrapped up in the sweetest, softest dough known to mankind. That’s My/Mochi Ice cream – sweet, chewy, cool, and creamy all in one bite. It’s quite possibly the most joyfully chill sensation you’ve ever had in your life!

My/Mochi is the largest manufacturer of mochi ice cream in North America and widely credited with the invention of mochi ice cream. With the vision of bringing mochi to the masses, the company has transformed from a small, family-run company into a world class, modern frozen snack powerhouse. You can find My/Mochi products in over 50,000 grocery stores as well as convenience stores throughout the country.

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