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A Message To Our Community

By: My/Mochi Ice Cream

We stand with the black community and Black Lives Matter. What is happening in the United States and felt around the world is appalling. Inclusion in our society is not a given, we are hurt and angered to witness how so many are suffering from decades upon decades of racial injustice and inequality. Equal treatment of all humans, of all colors, of all beliefs, and of all sexual orientation is long overdue.

We will not stay silent. We will not stand by and wait. We will be uncomfortable, and we will continue to ask ourselves what else we can do. What change can we affect? How do we do more for our community, our employees and for humanity?

We take pride in celebrating that each individual brings a personal perspective, as unique as they are in every color. This is clearly not enough. As a community, we must take this time to listen to those voicing demands for change and join in the cries for justice and equality.

Today we have donated to the NAACP, and moving forward, we will be offering our employees the opportunity to donate to a social good charity or organization of their choice. As community is critical to all of us, we will organize company-wide volunteer days, which will be dedicated to giving back to the communities we live in.

This is not a fleeting moment. This will not go away and be swept under the rug until the next time and the next and the next time after that.

That is our commitment and we make this choice every day with our actions.