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Take Your Tastebuds to Chewforia: 4 Ways to Enjoy Mochi Ice Cream

By: My/Mochi Ice Cream

Another day, another chance to melt your mouths mind with mouthboggling My/Mochi Ice Cream. What’s the best way to enjoy desquishious mochi balls? That’s a trick question, the limit does not exist!

For starters, here are 4 chewforic ways to enjoy mochi ice cream:

Image of bright colored plates with  My/Mochi balls; two yellow plates with yellow mochi balls, two hot pink plates with pink mochi balls, and two orange plates with orange mochi balls
  1. Snack and share! Some things are just better with friends, and that includes enjoying My/Mochi. Host a flavor tasting and lay out a buffet of milky, melty mochi balls for everyone to enjoy. After all, sharing is caring!
Image of guava My/Mochi box next to yellow bowl full of guava My/Mochi ball underneath straw hat on a sandy beach

2. Mochi road trip! Take a drive to see the sights and let the mochi balls take your tastebuds on an ooey, gooey adventure. Be on the lookout for new My/Mochi flavors wherever you travel, you never know what flavor you’ll find next.

Image of man in red sweater holding an orange My/Mochi ball and laying down on purple shag carpet with a box of Sweet Mango next to him. Also in picture: a puzzle of the same image (man in red holding mochi)

3. Mochi & chill! There’s nothing better than sitting back, relaxing, and snacking with a good movie. Put a box on ice and get cozy. Prefer a series binge instead? Do the freezer walk in between episodes to max out the mouthboggling.

Image of pink and green checkerboard with pink and green My/Mochi balls as pieces and hand reaching to grab a green mochi ball

4. Mochi game night! Set up a table and get the games out, card games, video games, or even a puzzle party. Playing to win? Make things interesting and add mochi to the winner’s pot for a mindboggling game night snack haul. Just make sure there’s enough mochi balls to go around!

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