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What to Look for in an Ice Cream Company

By: My/Mochi Ice Cream

Choosing an Ice Cream Company is Fun

If you’re a particular person, it’s important to make sure that every facet of your life is covered. You support your local clothing store, instead of putting money into the pockets of huge companies. You choose an eco-friendly apartment that consumes less energy. You cook often enough, so you don’t spend so much time and money eating out. And you look for a great ice cream company that makes a great product that not only fits your mission, but also your budget! Okay, maybe ice cream is the one area in life that you’ll make a couple of exceptions because ice cream is so delicious, but you’ve still got to make sure you choose the right ice cream company to support. Any old company wants you to buy their product, but it’s better to choose an ice cream company that has everything you want.

Huge Selection

Can you imagine going into an ice cream shop, and all they have is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry? Of course you can’t! You need the company that carries the chocolate with salted butterscotch ribbons, the vanilla-berry with almonds, and the cotton candy with bubble gum. Having a bigger selection poses a challenge to the makers to keep a good, consistent quality, and make people want to continue to come back to their brand. Of course, everyone loves the standard expected flavors that come from a place of nostalgia – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry will always be there for you.

Organic Milk and Cream

With more information about the healthiest way to eat, more and more people are reaching for ingredients that are healthier. People now want milk and cream from cows that are confirmed to be happy and healthy. With happier and healthier dairy, people are able to reap better health because their food, even their ice cream, is from a healthier source! Organic ice cream is especially good for young children who may be prone to stomach aches after ingesting dairy products.

Locally-Sourced Ingredients

The closer a food product is to you, the less distance it has to travel to get to you, and the less environmental impact your food will make. Choosing ice cream whose ingredients come from nearby farms and local indigenous plants means that there is less gasoline used to transport the parts of your ice cream, which makes it that much sweeter.

Vegan Options

Who loves NOT feeling bloated after eating amazing ice cream? Everyone! Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy milk and dairy products, including ice cream, the way that they want to. Vegan ice cream alternatives have been around for about a decade, but still haven’t caught on as strongly as someone would imagine. From simply blending frozen bananas with chocolate, or another type of fruit, to a more elaborate mix of coconut milk and flavoring, vegan ice cream options are many, and delicious! Those who do not want to be tasked with finding all of the ways to make vegan ice cream may just opt for sorbet, which contains no milk or dairy at all.