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How Do You Snack On My/Mochi Ice Cream?

By: My/Mochi Ice Cream

Smack it, pinch it, poke it, or squeeze it! There are so many different ways to snack on (and play with) your favorite mochi ice cream flavor. Playing with your food is a textural adventure for your mouth, while you create desquishious memories. Next time you grab a box of My/Mochi, try these new ways to play with your mochi balls!

  • Eat it Whole
    Pop it whole for the ultimate textural explosion, imagine creamy ice cream meets chewy pillowy mochi dough. Buckle up taste buds, it’s gonna be a wild ride!
  • Flavor Mix ’n Match
    Feeling adventurous? Combine different flavors like Ripe Strawberry and Double Chocolate and create your own mouthboggling flavor combinations. Pro tip: cut your My/Mochi in half before thawing.
  • Save the Best for Last
    It takes a special kind of pillowy mochi dough lover to pull this off. Those who want to maximize their pillowy concentration will peel back the sweet mochi dough to eat the ice cream first and dive into the pillowy dough last. Mouthboggling or just plain Mmmmm?! You decide!
  • Nibble
    Close your eyes and savor every ooey, gooey, desquishious bite to give your mouth all the feels. Let yourself get lost in the sweet pillowy dough and feel the cold, creamy ice cream melt on your tastebuds.

Spooning is overrated, so put down the spoon and channel your inner quirk. Show us how you like to play with your My/Mochi on Instagram @mymomochi

Wondering where to buy mochi ice cream? Check out our store locator to find mochi ice cream near you!