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Friday the 13th

By: My/Mochi Ice Cream

Do you feel the hairs on your arm stand up? And no, it’s not from opening the freezer door to grab My/Mo Mochi…it’s Friday the 13th!! It’s considered as the unluckiest day of the year, even though no one really knows where the superstition came from 🧐. Some expect the worst day ever, but what if we all celebrated the holiday instead? Ultimately, it’s just another day and a number, amiright? Here’s how…

  1. Tantalize your tastebuds! Try a My/Mo Mochi scavenger hunt to find all 13 mouthbogging mochi ice cream flavors to try! Check out our store locator to start mapping out your textural adventure.
  2. Take a bite out of Friday the 13th…and watch Friday the 13th… on Friday the 13th. Friday the 13this a classic horror film that has been adapted to a television series, comic books, novels, and video games, so grab a bowl of mochi balls and get ready to scream (not for ice cream).
  3. Adopt a black cat. Black cats have a bad rep from cultural and historical myths and superstitions. When in reality, these furry little felines just want to snuggle while you Netflix and snack on My/Mo Mochi.
  4. Feeling snacky?? How about Friday the 13th tattoos? Tattoo parlors set out flash sheets, or a sheet of pre-drawn tattoo options, that are available at a discounted rate. This can be the perfect opportunity to add a My/Mo Mochi ball to your arm!
  5. Remember that it’s Friday! Work or school is almost over and you can celebrate the start of your weekend!

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