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Desquishious Creature Feature

By: My/Mochi Ice Cream

Beware! Ghoulishly desquishious My/Mo Mochi flavors have been mysteriously disappearing from your freezer! Late at night when everyone is asleep, monsters lurk out of the shadows and into your freezers because even monsters need to scratch their snack itch.

Find out which flavor is missing from your freezer to discover which monster is snacking on your My/Mo Mochi!

  • Cookies & Cream – Casper isn’t into Vanilla Bean like the other ghosts, he like a bit of crunch
  • Chocolate Sundae – Dracula fang girls for this flavor because of the bloody – err cherry – center
  • Ripe Strawberry – Freddie Krueger would kill for this flavor, who knew he had a serially softer side
  • Mint Chocolate Chip and Green Tea – Frankenstein prefers his My/Mo Mochi as a monster mash-up of flavors
  • S’mores – Jason is chillingly sentimental to flavors that remind him of Camp Crystal Lake
  • Vanilla Bean – Werewolves howl at the sight of a full My/Mo Mochi ball
  • Dulce de Leche – Witches need a bit of caramel with their brew to keep them awake

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