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Best Dorm Room Snacks You Can’t Live Without

By: My/Mochi Ice Cream

It’s back to school season and what’s sexier than crisp new books and notepads? Stocking up on brain food! What are your favorite snacks to power through this semester?

Munchies are not just for those countless late nights. Make some room in your tiny dorm freezer for the ultimate all-day snack: My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream! Your friends and hallmates will thank you for the wild experience of creamy premium ice cream enveloped in ooey, gooey, pillowy mochi dough. Need a study break and an instant trip to Tropical Delicioustown? Grab some My/Mo Sweet Mango and Ripe Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream for real bits of fruit and lots of love. Got a craving for chocolately chocolate goodness? Try My/Mo Double Chocolate or even Chocolate Sundae Mochi Ice Cream for an extra center surprise. The flavor choices are endless for those of you who are never done exploring.

Because adulting can wait.