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4 Flavors of Ice Cream We Can’t Believe Exist

By: My/Mochi Ice Cream

Flavors of Ice Cream We Can’t Believe Actually Exist

If you’re the kind of person that visits new ice cream shops often, you know that the unique flavors each shop offers are often both surprising and enticing. It’s a pleasant surprise to find a flavor that you haven’t tried, and when you leave after trying it, you’re usually happy that you went for it. We know what it’s like to sell a unique product in the ice cream industry, so for the most part, we’re just so interested that these ice cream flavors actually exist. Here are four of the craziest that we’ve found.

1. Goat Cheese Beet Swirl

We can’t figure this one out for the life of us. Why on earth would someone roast beets, put goat cheese in them, and then say “hey, let’s make a flavor of ice cream out of this!” According to Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver, it’s a delectable savory, treat. We’re going to go ahead and withhold judgement on this one for now. It just doesn’t sound that great.

2. Purple Yam Ice Cream

This one comes straight out of Pearl City at Dave’s Ice Cream, an ice cream shop that’s known for its “unique” flavors of ice cream. In order to make this one a little bit sweeter, it’s actually mixed with vanilla and comes out with a bright purple hue. By mixing the sweet from the yams with the sweet from the vanilla, this one apparently comes out tasting like a sweet potato. As for us, we’d like to keep our dessert sweet potatoes in pies, thank you very much.

3. Horseradish Ice Cream

The one thing that everyone wants from their ice cream is for it to taste like the same topping that they put on prime rib. Seriously though, if you find yourself in Queens and are in need of some serious sinus cleaning, then you need to go to Max and Mina’s to grab a scoop of horseradish ice cream. Might sound strange, but it’s a bold ice cream flavor and a brave move by this independent ice cream shop.

4. Lobster Ice Cream

You know what the weirdest ice cream flavor was when we were researching the craziest flavors? Far and away, it was lobster ice cream. Not only is this ice cream completely infused with lobster and butter, it also comes with lobster garnishes on top for you to sample. Where else could a lobster ice cream come from than Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Maine? Maine, we know you love your lobster, but you might be taking the statewide addiction a little bit too far.

Weird Flavors of Ice Cream, But We’re Withholding Judgement

The best part of trying new ice cream shops is that you might find a strange flavor that you really end up liking. Even if these flavors don’t sound the best to you, if you find them nearby though, you should give them a shot. You might end up surprising yourself. However, if you want some ice cream that you can take with you on-the-go and is delicious one hundred percent of the time, you should always be reaching for Mochi (okay, we might be a little bit biased on this one). Either way, ice cream is one of the best things this life has to offer, so we should constantly be celebrating it!

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