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Best Teas to Drink with Mochi

By: My/Mochi Ice Cream

Know Your Tea, Love Your Mochi!

Tea is a drink that has history all over the world, but all of the tea in the world originated in China. From there, tea was spread, first by the Chinese, then by the English in their colonies. All sorts of teas developed, and aided in a variety of purposes from healing to a boost of energy. Today, there are hundreds of types of tea. This is due, in part, to the ease of accessing tea, and the opportunity to make it your own.

Matcha for Digestion

Matcha is one of the most popular teas in the world today. Though all tea originated in China, Matcha is one of Japan’s many answers to tea. Matcha’s distinctive and strong flavor has inspired dozens of treats – there are even entire cafes dedicated to matcha tea-flavored food and desserts. Matcha entire tea leaves, ground into a fine powder, and mixed into water or milk. Matcha is such a popular drink, that it is unusual NOT to find several types of ice cream that are matcha-flavored, including mochi! Enjoy matcha tea with matcha mochi for an amazing matcha delight!

Red, or Rooibos to Relax

African Red Tea, or Rooibos tea, is a staple in several countries on the African continent that has recently become popular in the United States and Canada. Red tea is an amazing type of tea because of the natural subtle sweetness, and rich, slightly red fruit flavor. Red tea makes delicious lattes, and is a perfect base for fruit-flavored teas. Red tea is great hot or cold, in the morning, or right before bed. Any flavor of mochi would actually be a great pair with red tea, but strawberry is especially good!

Herbal – Mint

Where would we be without mint tea? The succulent flavor of one of the most popular herbs in the world that can be enjoyed by soaking the leaves, or with a single drop in hot water. Mint is grown all over the world, used in a variety of foods and desserts, and makes a wonderful addition to chocolate. During the Christmas season, peppermint bark, a confexion of dark and white chocolate with chunks of peppermint candy, is very popular, and makes its rounds. Love mint with mint chip mochi. The refreshing mint and indulgent chocolate is a perfect, cooling way to enjoy summer.

Herbal – Chamomile

Chamomile tea is often reserved for drinking before bed, but with plenty of antioxidants and a calming effect on the body, chamomile could be enjoyed at anytime, and makes an excellent companion to mango mochi. The gentle, floral aroma and delicate flavor balances the sweetness and the tartness of the mango for a match made in heaven! Any herbal tea could actually be good with mango, so long as it’s not too sweet!

Herbal – Fruit

With that, let’s not forget about how delicious fruit tea can be! Apple cinnamon, mixed berry, peach, lychee…any fruit can be dried, mixed with tea, and enjoyed with hot water. Ready to try mochi and your favorite tea? Check your local grocer today!

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